Magical Arts with Dori Midnight from Dori Midnight on Vimeo.

"I went to see Dori at a time when nothing seemed to be working. And I don't know much about witchy work, but as soon as I sat down accross from her, her energy and intuition rather blasted me open, connecting parts of my grief and history in unprecedented ways. I was able to talk about things in a way I had not felt before. Through her meditations and magic and attention, we were able to discover, quite clearly, what was causing the extreme difficulty in my path, and in what felt like a very practical ritual, she was able to treat my problem.  I don't recall ever feeling quite as seen and heard as I did in Dori's presence. I know that there was alot of unmanipulated magic involved in my transcendence into wellness, but Dori quite plainly was THE catalyst for me allowing it to happen. I humbly and frankly count her as one of my guardian angels. Lord knows, we need magic these days..."
– J.H. 

“Words fall short of describing the magical, transformative work of the Reverend Dori Midnight. Bringing together a deep knowledge of earth-bound healing practices with a radical commitment to collective liberation, Ms. Midnight enlivens the magical legacies of love and connection to which we forgot we were heirs. The Reverend is most certainly in session.”
– N.H.

“At a very dark moment in my life Dori helped me identify the tools to find my path towards healing. So gentle and loving in her guidance, Dori tailored her healing techniques to address my exact needs. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
– M.L.

“Dori's insightful readings have helped me enormously in moments of crisis and indecision, providing a clear view of the forces at work and the best path for my well-being, and always leaving me with a deep sense of calm and purpose. I would recommend her to anyone who needs some insight into a difficult problem, some inspiration about their direction, or a renewed faith in their capacity to benefit from obstacles and difficulties in their path. Her generosity, positivity, and vision are truly rare.”
– D.S.

“On the table with Reverend Dori Midnight I was blessed with a Genuine Grade-A True Blue Mind-Blowing Life-Changing Healing. My whole body was suffused with light, and I felt totally unified and charged in a way that I have rarely felt. On the more day-to-day level, Dori's brilliant medicinal support has strengthened my heart, my immune system, my joy, and my resilience. She is an intuitive healer of the first order, using her many tools and abilities ethically, effectively, pragmatically and magically with deep kindness, discerning intelligence, and witchy wisdom.”
– M.M.

"Both of my daughters have attended Dori's day camps for three summers in a row, and they absolutely love it. They come home in the afternoon beaming about the magic healing teas and herbal elixirs they made (which they then share) and telling me all about the plants and flowers they used. With Dori, they have great fun while learning about and connecting with the natural world around them. Dori has a great gift with children: she creates a safe, loving environment where each child is encouraged to explore her own creative gifts. Truly magical!"
A.C. Mother of Catia and Tasha, ages 7 and 10

"Pet problems? Dori's gentle herbal formulas will soothe your beast. My cat's anxiety would fuel her feline benders in my tiny apartment. Dori mixed up a magical formula to add to my cat's water and within days she became more relaxed and peaceful. The results were so amazing, I took a few swigs myself. Thanks Dori!"
– R.G.

“The honey imbued with fertilization powers for my friend to get pregnant worked within weeks after a couple of years of many types of efforts to get pregnant. She passed your honey on to another friend who was desirous of being pregnant--she too got pregnant within weeks. She passed the same honey on to her friend who wanted get pregnant, and she got pregnant relatively soon thereafter. Pretty amazing. So thanks!”
- K.M.

“Dori is a witch, and her vision and manner of the meaning of spirituality and mysticism to struggles for social justice has offered me concepts through which to liberate myself from these internal conflicts about spirituality and activism. She has astute and sharp race and gender politics, and uses her magical skills as part of a broad arsenal of interventions focused on healing the world of the effects of capitalism and imperialism.”
– P.P.

"When my husband and I chose Dori to be the officiant for our wedding we were not a little overwhelmed. Dori not only helped us figure out what we wanted to say, but how to say it, and then she said it all with such professionalism. She helped to make our ceremony unique and succinct, meaningful yet funny. Dori also helped me to relax over the whole planning process, AND she did my hair for the wedding! My grandmother cannot stop talking about how much she loved our wedding, and she is not one to offer praise, ever."
– Z.A.

"Dori listens, hears and sees. It's her divine trust in these simple gifts that make working with her magic. she has herbs and essences and tinctures and she'll mix them and blend them for you like your body leaned over and whispered in her ear. going to visit dori in her room full of strength and goodness and light feels like an honest antidote to the places in the world where the hummingbirds can't reach."
– M.T.P.

"I love Dori's workshops! They are fun and also serious at the same time. Awesome, totally useful grounding exercises and guided meditations that help you discover secrets buried deep within, combined with getting to move around and use your creativity to make some great magical trinket that you can be proud of. As always Dori is fabulously welcoming and hospitable with hot tea and fresh fruit at the ready. Sliding scale or work trade makes it accessible for all! "
– T.