Intuitive Healing & Counseling

I want to help you support yourself in transforming and becoming your shiniest, most expressed, most alive self by reflecting your experience and offering meaningful tools and information. I hope to work with you in getting all the meaning, direction, healing, and joy that you want in your life and to empower you to live the life of your dreams. My work is firmly grounded in self-determination and collective liberation and is illuminated by ancestral folk healing practices and magic.

To me, magic is simply focusing my attention and creating intention while working respectfully with the seen and unseen worlds. In that sense, magic is innately a radical practice of liberation. I believe that we all have access to our intuitional powers and that we are each the experts on our own lives.

My approach is non-judgmental, direct, gentle, and supportive, enabling you to be wherever you are in your healing process and however you choose to express your beliefs and spirituality. 

*please read my bio or testimonials for more information.

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Why do people come for intuitive counseling?
People come to see me for every reason you can imagine. We all get stuck and sometimes we need something outside of ourselves to help us get unstuck. We feel numb, disconnected, depressed, lonely, unloved, sick and tired, triggered, uninspired, confused. We get headaches, digestive / immune / respiratory / hormonal / allergic imbalances, or just feel stressed out and anxious. I am a firm believer in taking responsibility for our own well-being and that sometimes involves getting support from others.

Some people come to see me when they are making a big decision and need some insight and clarity about issues in relationships, housing situations, health, creativity, sex, work, or family, or to get validation about something they already know. I also work with people’s ancestors or beloved dead.

What do you do and what is it like?
Each session is different depending on the person. We will sit and drink tea and talk about you and what brought you here. I will ask you questions and close my eyes and read your energy/situation. Then we decide together what is the best way to proceed. This reading guides me to do a healing or make suggestions about a ritual or practice that would be supportive for you. Sometimes, I will have you lay down on my massage table and lay stones on you or use herbs to purify or re-balance. Other times, I make you a flower essence or herbal remedy.
My practice draws on many different healing modalities including reiki, stone work, energetic bodywork, ancestral magic, folk healing, western herbalism, flower essences and more.

Intense feelings can surface as we begin this work and release tired old patterns- that’s healing- and I will work with you as you transform and heal. What I do is not curing or fixing, it is helping you align with your best and most gorgeous self.

Most people really enjoy having a session and feel lighter and more alive immediately. You can read what people have said on my testimonials page. If you have further questions, please contact me.

Do I take my clothes off? (and how are you with transgender/gender variance/substance use/non-traditional ways of living?)
You will keep your clothes on (occasionally I ask people to take shoes off.)  Everybody is welcome here.

How often do I see you?
Some people come just once, others like to have a session more often. Usually I don’t see clients more than once a month, unless they are in crisis.

Do you do phone appointments?
Yes. Please contact me to make an appointment.

Do you work with animals?

Do you work with couples?

What if I don’t really believe in it? That’s okay. It will work anyway.