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Hauswitch, Salem, MA
Kestrel, Northampton, MA
Good Fight Herb Co., Hudson, NY 
Otherwild, Los Angeles, CA

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Acadia Herbals, Northampton, MA
Dory Ellen Fish, Bryn Mawr, PA
Five Pins Project, San Francisco, CA
Scarlet Sage Herb Co., San Francisco, CA
Gravel and Gold, San Francisco, CA
Palace, Portland, OR
Sugarpill, Seattle, WA
Seagrape Soap, Portland, OR
Good Fight Herb Co
., Hudson, NY
Other Avenues Coop, San Francisco, CA
Wild Dog Rose, Louisville, KY
The Future, Minneapolis, MN

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Boundaries in a Bottle

Boundaries in a Bottle / 2oz

Radiant protection, clearing, and grounding.

Witchcrafted with essences of yarrow, spider full moon, rosemary, echinacea, cedar, black tourmaline, citrine, smoky quartz, snowflake, obsidian, stone circle & salt. Essential oils of pine & cedar.

Witches Bitches and Hos

Witches, Bitches and Hos / 1 oz

Protection, healing, & guidance for edgewalkers, dreamers, priestesses, sluts & healers. Connects us to the invisible web of support & protection from plants, stones & those who walked before us. Cloaks us in wisdom & shines a light on our paths so we can vision the way forward.

Witchcrafted with essences of mugwort, rue, lady’s mantle, black birch, grey moonstone, green jasper, black tourmaline, lapis lazuli & raven in spring water & honey brandy. eclipse in spring water + maple brandy.

Heart Mender

Heart Mender/ 1oz

Healing & strengthening for heartbreak & grief.

Witchcrafted with essences of wild rose, bleeding heart, hawthorn, pink yarrow, moss, rose quartz, emerald, rhodolite garnet, chrysoprase, hot springs in spring water & rose blackberry brandy.

Between the Worlds

Between the Worlds /1 oz

For transcendence, transformation, self-determination & gender magic.

Witchcrafted with essences of rainbow moonstone, topaz, labradorite, gold, night blooming cereus, shooting star, gayfeather, goldenrod, northern lights, nighthawks at dusk in spring water & brandy.

YES! Liberation

YES! Liberation / 1oz

An elixir for resilience & healing in the face of racism and oppression. Buoys our hearts and spirits for the work ahead. Supports our anger to flow, igniting us with courage & creativity to transform oppressive structures & systems. Inspires radical dreaming, wild imagination, & moving with love.

Witchcrafted with essences of petrified wood, bloodstone, tiger iron, selenite, fireweed, oak tree, dandelion, mycelium, ocotillo, new moon protest, & a spell for collective liberation in spring water & brandy.