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Hauswitch, Salem, MA
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Good Fight Herb Co., Hudson, NY 
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Acadia Herbals, Northampton, MA
Dory Ellen Fish, Bryn Mawr, PA
Five Pins Project, San Francisco, CA
Scarlet Sage Herb Co., San Francisco, CA
Gravel and Gold, San Francisco, CA
Palace, Portland, OR
Sugarpill, Seattle, WA
Seagrape Soap, Portland, OR
Good Fight Herb Co
., Hudson, NY
Other Avenues Coop, San Francisco, CA
Wild Dog Rose, Louisville, KY
The Future, Minneapolis, MN

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charmed honey

Between the Worlds: gender magic elixer

For transcendence, transformation, + self-determination

A pink, deeply magical elixir with essences of labradorite, grey moonstone, topaz, gold, shooting star, mugwort, night blooming jasmine, goldenrod, Northern Lights, + nighthawks at dusk in spring water + blackberry rose infused brandy.

charmed honey

Heart Mender: for healing and strengthening a broken heart

A sweet, supportive elixir that helps the heart to heal from both old and new wounds so it can stay open to love.

Essences of pink rose, hawthorn, bleeding heart, apple blossom, rose quartz, emerald, rhodolite garnet, chrysoprase, + hot springs in spring water + blackberry rose infused brandy

charmed honey

YES Liberation

An elixir for healing, strength, protection and support in the face of racism, neocolonialism and oppression. Heals our broken hearts and helps us recover from trauma. Full of deep medicine for connecting us to earth, invisible allies, ancestors and each other, it allows our anger to ignite, flow free, and move us to be courageous to break the chains of imperialism/capitalism/racism. Creates fierce protection, grounding and healing for journey ahead.

Made with spring water, maple brandy, essences of protest under the new moon, black tourmaline, petrified wood, bloodstone, tiger iron, selenite, black birch, yarrow, ocotillo, red root, bleeding heart, post trauma stabilizer, fierce love and a spell for collective liberation. Dosage: 3-13 drops in water or under tongue as needed.

charmed honey
Photo by Charlie Curtis

Witches, Bitches and Hos:

A new elixir for deep healing and radiant protection for edge walkers, shape shifters, those who dwell between the worlds (and genders), magicians, priestesses, sex workers, and lovers of the great mother.

Made with all green and black plants and stones, such as Ladies' Mantle, Ladies' Thumb, Emerald, and Green and Black Tourmaline, and others. This powerful elixir can help transform ancient wounds and grief from centuries of oppression, release patterns of shame and self hatred for being different, and create a profound sense of safety so that you can walk the magnificent path you are here to walk.

Boundaries in a Bottle:

Witch-crafted, on the full moon eclipse, this spray helps to purify and protect you and your surroundings. It truly has a cult following, with essences of black tourmaline, smoky quartz, yarrow, devil's club, echinacea and other magical gem and plant essences, scented with essential oils of Silver Fir, Black Pine and other guardian plants. Excellent for visits with family, practitioners of the healing arts, people who work in (cooperative) grocery stores or anyone who is around other humans.

"It's like self- defense class or like psychic barbed wire or like if I was Whitney Houston and I had a body guard." - one anonymous fan

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Charmed Honey

Dori Midnight can also custom make honey for you, including a hand drawn label! Please email her with specific requests for your spell! Custom Charming takes ONE week and costs $45. Some examples: Honey of Health, Magic Boyfriend Honey, Love of All Kinds Honey, Rejuvenating Honey for the Tired- Bitter-Burnt Out Activist, Finish that Dissertation, Honey!

charmed honey

Flower and Gem Essences
Custom blends made after an intuitive counseling session